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     Peak Performance Zone, Chicago Sports PsychologyYour Peak Performance Zone is where you play at your best. Hopefully you have had those moments. Being able to duplicate those moments during the game is what you need to learn. How do you slip back into that mindset? How do you keep that zone thing going throughout the entire game, when it counts? I know the SECRETS to doing that. I'm Paul S. Palmer, Mental Skills Coach, director of the Sports Motivation Clinic, Chicago.

Recognizing your Zone

     Your Peak Performance Zone is a mental place, it's between your ears. Because it's a mindset, it's not easy to find and even harder to revisit, as you already know. You need to know the mental landmarks of that magical place in order to return there. I teach you how to recognize your ZONE, something your coaches never taught you.

Mental Rehearsal

     Once you can recognize your Peak Performance Zone you need to practice being there. That's called Mental Rehearsal. You practice being in that state of mind. You become intimately familiar with all the mental cues that tell you you are right where you are suppose to be. Visualization was the breakthrough decades ago. That started the athlete in the right direction of identifying one small part of their peak performance zone.  If you know anything about sports psychology you probably have heard of visualization. It's one of the oldest tools to help athletes develop their mental game. But, every athlete that I worked with that was already trying some kind of visualization technique was doing it wrong! That's a remarkable statement but true. What were they doing wrong? They were seeing themselves the way the coach sees them, the way you would see yourself on film. What's wrong with that? It's not what you see through your eyes! How you do your Mental Rehearsal is a science all to itself. Visualization is only a small part of how you discover your peak performance zone and how and what you visualize has everything to do with whether it's successful or not.

RELAXATION makes it all happens.

     The Zone, Sports Psychology ChicagoThe key to training your sports brain to perform under pressure is through Mental Rehearsal. The key to mental rehearsal is relaxation. Not regular old relaxation but RELAXATION on steroids! Relaxation like you never did before. Heard of meditation? Meditation has been around for a thousand years and it takes years to master. Those who master the art of meditation can do some very remarkable things with their mind and body. One important ingredient in meditation is the relaxation. I won't teach you to meditate but I will show you how to relax a new way. Relaxation techniques derived form meditation and hypnosis are what puts your mind in the most receptive state to do your mental rehearsal. I'll teach you the secrets to opening up your sports brain to fix just about any performance problem you got. My relaxation is also a cool experience.

How much time does mental rehearsal take?

     Here is the surprise. The mental rehearsal process will be the shortest thing you ever did to improve your game. It starts with a visit to my office. I explain how the process works, tell you the secrets that make it work, write them all down, answer all your questions and then take you through the hypnosis (relaxation) and make you a custom CD.
     The CD will guide you through the process each day until you can start doing short sessions (5 minutes) on your own. This isn't like physical conditioning and repetitive practice sessions, that can go on for hours. How can these short mental exercises help? The short answer is, you are using specific techniques to train the mind. Longer isn't better, it's the precision of the process not the length of time that's important. The CD is to short cut the learning process so you can develop your mental game, FAST.

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