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Performing Under Pressure: the Book

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Arthletes: use your coronavirus down time to work on your mental skills. COVID-19 gives you time you never had before and I've made it easy for you. Everthing you need to know about your mental game is in one small, easy to read book. Order today!

     Performing under pressure can make ya or break ya. Athletes, Coaches, Students, Business Professionals, Test-Takers, and Performers need to know why they choke under pressure and how to fix it, FAST. Performance Anxiety is everywhere but any pressure situation can be prepared for ahead of time, if you know how. HOW involves knowing your Peak Performance Zone and Mental Rehearsal. I can teach you everything you need to know about preparing for pressure situations. Performing Under Pressure is a fresh, straight forward, concise, lightly humorous guide to discovering your Peak Performance Zone and how to be there when it counts. If you have neither the time or the interest to learn sports psychology, here is everything you need to know in one small readable package. Is it worth fifteen bucks and a few hours of your time to become the most valuable clutch player on the team or the smartest game day coach in your conference?

     I'm Paul S. Palmer director of the Sports Motivation Clinic, Chicago. After thirty years of working one-on-one with athletes, coaches and parents, it's time to go fishing. It's also time to share, after years of promising I would write the "book" for those who couldn't make it to my office, I've done it. Performing Under Pressure is exclusively available for $9.99, through Amazon, Kindle eBooks or Amazon Books in paperback for $14.99. Use the button below to order or review.


Performing Under Pressure, the eBook

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