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     I'm Paul S. Palmer, PhB, MA, Sports Motivation Clinic, Chicago. Author: Performing Under Pressure. Performance Anxiety Psychology

     Sports Motivation Clinic, Chicago, sports psychology, performance anxietyGame time is 90% mental. As a Mental Skills Coach, I know how to maximize your mental game. My program is easy to use and designed to fix your mental issues, Fast. I'll talk to you in plain language, I have a sense of humor and you can't get all that anywhere else!

COVID-19 rules: wear your mask. I will too.

What does an office visit cost? How many visits?

     For any amateur athlete, a private session and your own Custom CD, the cost is only $250, Pros pay $2500. One session and your CD has all the basics you'll ever need to master your mental game. Payment? Cash, Check or Charge. During busy times you may be asked for a $45.00 deposit to hold your appointment time. Fall cash discount 10%.

Call today, I'm happy to answer any questions you have. 708-824-9057

     My program starts with finding your Peak Performance Zone. Athletes, Business Professionals, Test-takers, Speakers and Performers are prone to choke under pressure, performance anxiety. But, any pressure situation can be prepared for ahead of time. The fix, MENTAL  REHEARSAL. It's easy to learn and the only way to prepare for pressure situations. I work with amateur and pro athletes, coaches and parents.

Don't live near Chicago!

     Then you'll have to buy my Book! Performing Under Pressure  is available through Amazon, Kindle eBooks for only $9.99 or Amazon Books in paperback for $14.99. See the "Book" page.  I highly recommend: Before you would come in for a private session buy my eBook or my paperback and read it over. You'll be familiar with the basics and we can spend our valuable time making my program fit you like an expensive suit.

Performing Under Pressure, the Book, performance anxiety

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