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Coach: Game time is 90% mental

And you don't know squat about sports psychology.

     Coaches guide to sports psychology, Spots Motivation Clinic. ChicagoThat lack of knowledge can kill you on game day and you see it every time a team comes out flat in the biggest game of their lives or chokes in the final seconds of a close one. You'd think that coaches would want to know what this Sports Psychology mumbo jumbo is all about, it might mean your job!

     I'm Paul S. Palmer, director of the Sports Motivation Clinic, Chicago, since1985, author of Performing Under Pressure. Mandatory reading for every coaching staff. You know your sport and a bit about motivation. But, you can't work with athletes without the constant reminder that the mind controls 90% of the outcome on game day. Rituals, slogans, traditions and the pep talk have been your motivational tools since caveman days. How effective are they with 3 clicks left on the clock?

     Most coaches know little about mental training or sports psychology and are using motivational techniques that were laughable 50 years ago. Motivational speeches are no substitute for knowledge of how the brain works under pressure, they are NOT the same thing! If you are not current on the latest sports psychology theories and practices, you have some catching up to do but I can save you a lot of time. I'll teach you in plain language, the latest stuff, explain why it works and how to use it with your athletes. Same cost as a regular individual office visit $250. Add another coach for fifty bucks!

     My help is always in complete confidence, nobody needs to know. I warn you though, you could become the winningest coach on the planet. You'll enjoy fame, a higher tax bracket, the envy of your peers and never be able to go out in public again without causing a mob scene. If you are ready for all that, call and make an appointment: 708-824-9057.

     Coaches Sports Psychology Chicago, Sports Motivation ClinicHistorical Note: Coaches have fought against sports psychology from the beginning. The first recognized Sports Psychologist was Dr. Coleman Griffith, University of Illinois, 1925. His Athletics Research Lab was cancelled at the U of I in 1931 because of cut backs due to the Depression and alleged pressure from the head football coach Robert Zupke. Dr. Griffith was hired by the Chicago Cubs (the first professional team to hire a sports psychologist) in 1938, but owner, P.K. Wrigley didn't listen to a thing he suggested. The coach, Charlie Grimm refused to work with him and Dr. Griffith was let go in 1940. Now you know, it wasn't the curse of the goat. The coaching community hasn't been all that receptive to sports psychology since then.

     Can't come to my office? Not convinced yet? Then you'll have to buy my Book. Performing under Pressure is your complete guide to Sports Psychology. You got a few bucks and three hours of reading time to catch up on everything you need to know. Go to the "book" button to order or preview. It comes in a plain brown wrapper, no one needs to know you are reading something about Sports Psychology. Who loves ya, baby?
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