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Choking Under Pressure

     I'm Paul S. Palmer, Sports Motivation Clinic, Chicago, IL, author of Performing Under Pressure, solving performance anxiety for 30 years.

Athletes, business professionals, speakers, test-takers and performers are all prone to choke under pressure. Choking Under Pressure, performance anxiety,  ChicagoChoking can be merely embarrassing (bad enough), an impediment to advancement or in some cases job threatening. You need to know how to fix it. FAST.

     I'll cut right to the chase. You can mentally prepare for pressure situations ahead of time. Pressure situations are never a surprise. You join a sports team knowing that at some point you are going to have to perform under pressure. You know your test is coming ahead of time, your speech, or your presentation. It rarely happens out of the blue. In actual surprise situations people don't usually choke! What does that tell you? That anticipation is part of the problem. You worry yourself into a frenzy. News?

    There is another side of the coin and this is especially common in sports. Athletes and coaches believe that more repetition, more film and more analysis will prepare them for pressure situations. Wrong! Never!

      Choking Under Pressure, performing under pressure,  ChicagoMy test takers know their subject inside and out, until you add pressure. My speakers and presenters can talk one-on-one forever and never miss a beat but add a room full of listeners and they fold like a cheap suit. Sorry folks, more preparation doesn't prepare you for pressure situations. But you knew that already!
     The only way I know to prepare for pressure situations is Mental Rehearsal. Mental rehearsal is both a science and an art. How you do your mental rehearsal is critical to it's success. I'll show you the best ways to do that. Every part of my program should make perfect sense, and I won't be telling you anything new about how your brain works under pressure, only how to prepare for it ahead of time. My mental rehearsal process is like nothing you have ever tried before, but easier than you ever imagined.

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